No. Title Author Year
1 Bounding and Computing Obstacle Numbers of Graphs Balko, Martin et al. 2022
2 Adjacency Graphs of Polyhedral Surfaces Arseneva, Elena et al. 2021
3 Drawing Graphs with Circular Arcs and Right-Angle Crossings Chaplick, Steven et al. 2020
4 Visual Analytics for Sets over Time and Space (Dagstuhl Seminar 19192) Fabrikant, Sara Irina et al. 2019
5 Multi-Level Steiner Trees Ahmed, Reyan et al. 2018
6 Stabbing Rectangles by Line Segments - How Decomposition Reduces the Shallow-Cell Complexity Chan, Timothy M. et al. 2018
7 Putting Data on the Map (Dagstuhl Seminar 12261) Kobourov, Stephen et al. 2012
8 10461 Abstracts Collection and Summary -- Schematization in Cartography, Visualization, and Computational Geometry Dykes, Jason et al. 2011
9 The Traveling Salesman Problem under Squared Euclidean Distances van Nijnatten, Fred et al. 2010
10 Trimming of Graphs, with Application to Point Labeling Erlebach, Thomas et al. 2008
11 06481 Abstracts Collection -- Geometric Networks and Metric Space Embeddings Gudmundsson, Joachim et al. 2007
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