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Huber, Benedikt ; Hepp, Stefan ; Schoeberl, Martin

Scope-Based Method Cache Analysis

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The quest for time-predictable systems has led to the exploration of new hardware architectures that simplify analysis and reasoning in the temporal domain, while still providing competitive performance. For the instruction memory, the method cache is a conceptually attractive solution, as it requests memory transfers at well-defined instructions only. In this article, we present a new cache analysis framework that generalizes and improves work on cache persistence analysis. The analysis demonstrates that a global view on the cache behavior permits the precise analyses of caches which are hard to analyze by inspecting cache state locally.

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Keywords: Real-Time Systems, Cache Analysis, Time-predictable Computer Architecture
Collection: 14th International Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis
Issue Date: 2014
Date of publication: 08.07.2014

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