No. Title Author Year
1 Constant-Loop Dominators for Single-Path Code Optimization Maroun, Emad Jacob et al. 2023
2 Best Practice for Caching of Single-Path Code Schoeberl, Martin et al. 2017
3 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, List of Authors, Committee Schoeberl, Martin 2016
4 OASIcs, Volume 55, WCET'16, Complete Volume Schoeberl, Martin 2016
5 TACLeBench: A Benchmark Collection to Support Worst-Case Execution Time Research Falk, Heiko et al. 2016
6 A Time-Predictable Memory Network-on-Chip Schoeberl, Martin et al. 2014
7 Scope-Based Method Cache Analysis Huber, Benedikt et al. 2014
8 Towards a Time-predictable Dual-Issue Microprocessor: The Patmos Approach Schoeberl, Martin et al. 2011
9 Comparison of Implicit Path Enumeration and Model Checking Based WCET Analysis Huber, Benedikt et al. 2009
10 Is Chip-Multiprocessing the End of Real-Time Scheduling? Schoeberl, Martin et al. 2009
11 On Composable System Timing, Task Timing, and WCET Analysis Puschner, Peter et al. 2008
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