No. Title Author Year
1 A Regular and Complete Notion of Delay for Streaming String Transducers Filiot, Emmanuel et al. 2023
2 History-Deterministic Parikh Automata Erlich, Enzo et al. 2023
3 Complexity of Spatial Games Chatterjee, Krishnendu et al. 2022
4 Parikh Automata over Infinite Words Guha, Shibashis et al. 2022
5 A Bit of Nondeterminism Makes Pushdown Automata Expressive and Succinct Guha, Shibashis et al. 2021
6 A Ramsey Theorem for Finite Monoids Jecker, Ismaël 2021
7 Decomposing Permutation Automata Jecker, Ismaël et al. 2021
8 On the Complexity of Intersection Non-emptiness for Star-Free Language Classes Arrighi, Emmanuel et al. 2021
9 Simplified Game of Life: Algorithms and Complexity Chatterjee, Krishnendu et al. 2020
10 Unary Prime Languages Jecker, Ismaël et al. 2020
11 Beyond Admissibility: Dominance Between Chains of Strategies Basset, Nicolas et al. 2018
12 The Complexity of Transducer Synthesis from Multi-Sequential Specifications Exibard, Léo et al. 2018
13 On Reversible Transducers Dartois, Luc et al. 2017
14 On Equivalence and Uniformisation Problems for Finite Transducers Filiot, Emmanuel et al. 2016
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