No. Title Author Year
1 Algorithms with More Granular Differential Privacy Guarantees Ghazi, Badih et al. 2023
2 Differentially Private Aggregation via Imperfect Shuffling Ghazi, Badih et al. 2023
3 On Differentially Private Counting on Trees Ghazi, Badih et al. 2023
4 Private Counting of Distinct and k-Occurring Items in Time Windows Ghazi, Badih et al. 2023
5 On Distributed Differential Privacy and Counting Distinct Elements Chen, Lijie et al. 2021
6 Pure Differentially Private Summation from Anonymous Messages Ghazi, Badih et al. 2020
7 Semi-Online Bipartite Matching Kumar, Ravi et al. 2018
8 The Distortion of Locality Sensitive Hashing Chierichetti, Flavio et al. 2017
9 On Reconstructing a Hidden Permutation Chierichetti, Flavio et al. 2014
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