No. Title Author Year
1 Addition and Differentiation of ZX-Diagrams Jeandel, Emmanuel et al. 2022
2 LO_v-Calculus: A Graphical Language for Linear Optical Quantum Circuits Clément, Alexandre et al. 2022
3 Resource Optimisation of Coherently Controlled Quantum Computations with the PBS-Calculus Clément, Alexandre et al. 2022
4 Coherent Control and Distinguishability of Quantum Channels via PBS-Diagrams Branciard, Cyril et al. 2021
5 PBS-Calculus: A Graphical Language for Coherent Control of Quantum Computations Clément, Alexandre et al. 2020
6 Completeness of Graphical Languages for Mixed States Quantum Mechanics Carette, Titouan et al. 2019
7 SZX-Calculus: Scalable Graphical Quantum Reasoning Carette, Titouan et al. 2019
8 ZX-Calculus: Cyclotomic Supplementarity and Incompleteness for Clifford+T Quantum Mechanics Jeandel, Emmanuel et al. 2017
9 Supplementarity is Necessary for Quantum Diagram Reasoning Perdrix, Simon et al. 2016
10 Access Structure in Graphs in High Dimension and Application to Secret Sharing Marin, Anne et al. 2013
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