No. Title Author Year
1 What Else Can Voronoi Diagrams Do for Diameter in Planar Graphs? Abboud, Amir et al. 2023
2 Improved Compression of the Okamura-Seymour Metric Mozes, Shay et al. 2022
3 The Fine-Grained Complexity of Episode Matching Bille, Philip et al. 2022
4 A Faster Algorithm for Maximum Flow in Directed Planar Graphs with Vertex Capacities Enoch, Julian et al. 2021
5 An Almost Optimal Edit Distance Oracle Charalampopoulos, Panagiotis et al. 2021
6 Truly Subquadratic Exact Distance Oracles with Constant Query Time for Planar Graphs Fredslund-Hansen, Viktor et al. 2021
7 Dynamic String Alignment Charalampopoulos, Panagiotis et al. 2020
8 Minimum Cut in O(m log² n) Time Gawrychowski, Paweł et al. 2020
9 Near-Optimal Distance Emulator for Planar Graphs Chang, Hsien-Chih et al. 2018
10 Dispersion on Trees Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2017
11 The Nearest Colored Node in a Tree Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2016
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