ICPEC 2023 June 26-28, 2023, Vila do Conde, Portugal

4th International Computer Programming Education Conference (ICPEC 2023)

Ricardo Alexandre Peixoto de Queirós and Mário Paulo Teixeira Pinto (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-95977-290-7, OASICS Vol. 112 ISSN 2190-6807
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  • Barbi, Dalner
  • Bauer, Yannik
  • Costa, Luís Maia
  • Costa Neto, Alvaro
  • Cruz, Mário
  • dos Santos, Ranieri Alves
  • Espinha Gasiba, Tiago
  • Freitas, Tiago Carvalho
  • Gasiba, Tiago
  • Gauthier, Fernando Alvaro Ostuni
  • Henriques, Pedro Rangel
  • Kessba, Ibrahim
  • Leal, José Paulo
  • Lechner, Ulrike
  • Lima, Lázaro Vinicius
  • Martins, Luis Carlos
  • Mascarenhas, Daniela
  • Morgado, Leonel
  • Oguzhan, Kaan
  • O’Riordan, Fiona
  • Paiva, José Carlos
  • Peixoto de Queirós, Ricardo Alexandre
  • Pereira, Maria João Varanda
  • Pestana, Pedro
  • Pinto-Albuquerque, Maria
  • Pinto, Carla
  • Portela, Filipe
  • Queirós, Ricardo
  • Ramos, Vinicius Faria Culmant
  • Romão, Tiago
  • Santos, André L.
  • Schlichtkrull, Anders
  • Teixeira Pinto, Mário Paulo
  • Thangaraj, Jagadeeswaran
  • Vasconcelos, Pedro
  • Ward, Monica

    Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization
    Authors: Peixoto de Queirós, Ricardo Alexandre ; Teixeira Pinto, Mário Paulo

    Abstract | Document (441 KB) | BibTeX

    Shifting programming education assessment from exercise outputs toward deeper comprehension (Invited Talk)
    Authors: Santos, André L.

    Abstract | Document (422 KB) | BibTeX

    I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Fix Your Code: On ChatGPT, CyberSecurity, and Secure Coding
    Authors: Espinha Gasiba, Tiago ; Oguzhan, Kaan ; Kessba, Ibrahim ; Lechner, Ulrike ; Pinto-Albuquerque, Maria

    Abstract | Document (553 KB) | BibTeX

    LCSMAR, an AR Based Tool to Inspect Imperative Programs
    Authors: Martins, Luis Carlos ; Lima, Lázaro Vinicius ; Henriques, Pedro Rangel

    Abstract | Document (10,367 KB) | BibTeX

    Can a Content Management System Provide a Good User Experience to Teachers? (Short Paper)
    Authors: Bauer, Yannik ; Leal, José Paulo ; Queirós, Ricardo

    Abstract | Document (720 KB) | BibTeX

    Sifu Reloaded: An Open-Source Gamified Web-Based CyberSecurity Awareness Platform (Short Paper)
    Authors: Paiva, José Carlos ; Queirós, Ricardo ; Gasiba, Tiago

    Abstract | Document (706 KB) | BibTeX

    A Gamified Educational Escape Rooms' Framework for Computer Programming Classes (Short Paper)
    Authors: Queirós, Ricardo ; Pinto, Carla ; Cruz, Mário ; Mascarenhas, Daniela

    Abstract | Document (581 KB) | BibTeX

    A Systematic Review of Formative Assessment to Support Students Learning Computer Programming
    Authors: Thangaraj, Jagadeeswaran ; Ward, Monica ; O’Riordan, Fiona

    Abstract | Document (500 KB) | BibTeX

    A New Approach to Perform Individual Assessments at Higher Education Using Gamification Systems
    Authors: Portela, Filipe

    Abstract | Document (1,040 KB) | BibTeX

    NLP/AI Based Techniques for Programming Exercises Generation
    Authors: Freitas, Tiago Carvalho ; Costa Neto, Alvaro ; Pereira, Maria João Varanda ; Henriques, Pedro Rangel

    Abstract | Document (608 KB) | BibTeX

    Data Visualization for Learning Analytics Indicators in Programming Teaching (Short Paper)
    Authors: dos Santos, Ranieri Alves ; Barbi, Dalner ; Ramos, Vinicius Faria Culmant ; Gauthier, Fernando Alvaro Ostuni

    Abstract | Document (679 KB) | BibTeX

    Automated Assessment of Simple Web Applications (Short Paper)
    Authors: Costa, Luís Maia ; Leal, José Paulo ; Queirós, Ricardo

    Abstract | Document (592 KB) | BibTeX

    Haskelite: A Step-By-Step Interpreter for Teaching Functional Programming
    Authors: Vasconcelos, Pedro

    Abstract | Document (573 KB) | BibTeX

    A Systematic Review of Teacher-Facing Dashboards for Collaborative Learning Activities and Tools in Online Higher Education
    Authors: Romão, Tiago ; Pestana, Pedro ; Morgado, Leonel

    Abstract | Document (913 KB) | BibTeX

    An Experience with and Reflections on Live Coding with Active Learning
    Authors: Schlichtkrull, Anders

    Abstract | Document (679 KB) | BibTeX


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