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1 Linear Insertion Deletion Codes in the High-Noise and High-Rate Regimes Cheng, Kuan et al. 2023
2 On Relaxed Locally Decodable Codes for Hamming and Insertion-Deletion Errors Block, Alexander R. et al. 2023
3 Quorum Subsumption for Heterogeneous Quorum Systems Li, Xiao et al. 2023
4 Recovery from Non-Decomposable Distance Oracles Hu, Zhuangfei et al. 2023
5 Simulating Markovian Open Quantum Systems Using Higher-Order Series Expansion Li, Xiantao et al. 2023
6 Detecting and Quantifying Crypto Wash Trading (Extended Abstract) Cong, Lin William et al. 2022
7 Improved Decoding of Expander Codes Chen, Xue et al. 2022
8 Low-Degree Polynomials Extract From Local Sources Alrabiah, Omar et al. 2022
9 Fooling an Unbounded Adversary with a Short Key, Repeatedly: The Honey Encryption Perspective Li, Xinze et al. 2021
10 Lower Bounds and Improved Algorithms for Asymmetric Streaming Edit Distance and Longest Common Subsequence Li, Xin et al. 2021
11 Streaming and Small Space Approximation Algorithms for Edit Distance and Longest Common Subsequence Cheng, Kuan et al. 2021
12 Approximating the Geometric Edit Distance Fox, Kyle et al. 2019
13 Block Edit Errors with Transpositions: Deterministic Document Exchange Protocols and Almost Optimal Binary Codes Cheng, Kuan et al. 2019
14 Non-Malleable Extractors and Non-Malleable Codes: Partially Optimal Constructions Li, Xin 2019
15 A New Approach for Constructing Low-Error, Two-Source Extractors Ben-Aroya, Avraham et al. 2018
16 A Safety Evaluation Method of Evacuation Routes in Urban Areas in Case of Earthquake Disasters Using Ant Colony Optimization and Geographic Information Systems (Short Paper) Yamamoto, Kayoko et al. 2018
17 Randomness Extraction in AC0 and with Small Locality Cheng, Kuan et al. 2018
18 Sunflowers and Quasi-Sunflowers from Randomness Extractors Li, Xin et al. 2018
19 Computing Approximate PSD Factorizations Basu, Amitabh et al. 2016
20 The Kiel Esterel Processor - A Semi-Custom, Configurable Reactive Processor Li, Xin et al. 2005
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