No. Title Author Year
1 (No) Quantum Space-Time Tradeoff for USTCON Apers, Simon et al. 2023
2 {mitten}: A Flexible Multimodal Proof Assistant Stassen, Philipp et al. 2023
3 1DLT: Rapid Deployment of Secure and Efficient EVM-Based Blockchains Bottoni, Simone et al. 2023
4 5-Approximation for ℋ-Treewidth Essentially as Fast as ℋ-Deletion Parameterized by Solution Size Jansen, Bart M. P. et al. 2023
5 A (3/2 + ε)-Approximation for Multiple TSP with a Variable Number of Depots Deppert, Max et al. 2023
6 A (Slightly) Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Metric Traveling Salesperson Problem (Invited Talk) Karlin, Anna R. 2023
7 A 10/7-Approximation for Discrete Bamboo Garden Trimming and Continuous Trimming on Star Graphs Höhne, Felix et al. 2023
8 A 4/3 Approximation for 2-Vertex-Connectivity Bosch-Calvo, Miguel et al. 2023
9 A Benchmark for Early Time-Series Classification (Extended Abstract) Kamberi, Petro-Foti et al. 2023
10 A Brief History of History-Determinism (Invited Talk) Lehtinen, Karoliina 2023
11 A Category for Unifying Gaussian Probability and Nondeterminism Stein, Dario et al. 2023
12 A Characterisation of Functions Computable in Polynomial Time and Space over the Reals with Discrete Ordinary Differential Equations: Simulation of Turing Machines with Analytic Discrete ODEs Blanc, Manon et al. 2023
13 A Combinatorial Cut-Toggling Algorithm for Solving Laplacian Linear Systems Henzinger, Monika et al. 2023
14 A Comparison of Global and Local Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques in Estimating Flash Flood Susceptibility (Short Paper) Yao, Jing et al. 2023
15 A Comparison of SAT Encodings for Acyclicity of Directed Graphs Zhou, Neng-Fa et al. 2023
16 A Connectivity-Sensitive Approach to Consensus Dynamics Chazelle, Bernard et al. 2023
17 A Constant-Factor Approximation for Quasi-Bipartite Directed Steiner Tree on Minor-Free Graphs Friggstad, Zachary et al. 2023
18 A CP Approach for the Liner Shipping Network Design Problem El Ghazi, Yousra et al. 2023
19 A Curry-Howard Correspondence for Linear, Reversible Computation Chardonnet, Kostia et al. 2023
20 A Cyclic Proof System for Full Computation Tree Logic Afshari, Bahareh et al. 2023
21 A Data Fusion Framework for Exploring Mobility Around Disruptive Events (Short Paper) Noi, Evgeny et al. 2023
22 A Data-Driven Decision-Making Framework for Spatial Agent-Based Models of Infectious Disease Spread (Short Paper) Von Hoene, Emma et al. 2023
23 A Decomposition Framework for Inconsistency Handling in Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning (Extended Abstract) Salhi, Yakoub et al. 2023
24 A Degree 4 Sum-Of-Squares Lower Bound for the Clique Number of the Paley Graph Kunisky, Dmitriy et al. 2023
25 A Deterministic Construction of a Large Distance Code from the Wozencraft Ensemble Guruswami, Venkatesan et al. 2023
26 A Dichotomy for Succinct Representations of Homomorphisms Berkholz, Christoph et al. 2023
27 A Direct-Style Effect Notation for Sequential and Parallel Programs Richter, David et al. 2023
28 A Direct-Style Effect Notation for Sequential and Parallel Programs (Artifact) Richter, David et al. 2023
29 A Distribution Testing Oracle Separating QMA and QCMA Natarajan, Anand et al. 2023
30 A Faster Algorithm for Recognizing Directed Graphs Invulnerable to Braess’s Paradox Matsubayashi, Akira et al. 2023
31 A Fine-Grained Classification of the Complexity of Evaluating the Tutte Polynomial on Integer Points Parameterized by Treewidth and Cutwidth Mannens, Isja et al. 2023
32 A Formal Analysis of RANKING Abdulaziz, Mohammad et al. 2023
33 A Formalisation of Gallagher’s Ergodic Theorem Nash, Oliver 2023
34 A Framework for Adversarial Streaming via Differential Privacy and Difference Estimators Attias, Idan et al. 2023
35 A Framework for Fostering Easier Access to Enriched Textual Information Silva, Gabriel et al. 2023
36 A Game of Pawns Avni, Guy et al. 2023
37 A Gamified Educational Escape Rooms' Framework for Computer Programming Classes (Short Paper) Queirós, Ricardo et al. 2023
38 A General Approach to Under-Approximate Reasoning About Concurrent Programs Raad, Azalea et al. 2023
39 A General Framework for Learning-Augmented Online Allocation Cohen, Ilan Reuven et al. 2023
40 A Generalization of the Persistent Laplacian to Simplicial Maps Gülen, Aziz Burak et al. 2023
41 A Graph-Theoretic Formulation of Exploratory Blockmodeling Bille, Alexander et al. 2023
42 A Hierarchical and Geographically Weighted Regression Model and Its Backfitting Maximum Likelihood Estimator (Short Paper) Hu, Yigong et al. 2023
43 A Human-Computer Interaction Perspective to Drive Change towards Sustainable Future (Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 23092) Boll, Susanne et al. 2023
44 A Hyperbolic Extension of Kadison-Singer Type Results Zhang, Ruizhe et al. 2023
45 A Ihara-Bass Formula for Non-Boolean Matrices and Strong Refutations of Random CSPs d'Orsi, Tommaso et al. 2023
46 A Lambda Calculus Satellite (Invited Talk) Manzonetto, Giulio 2023
47 A Lattice-Theoretical View of Strategy Iteration Baldan, Paolo et al. 2023
48 A Local-To-Global Theorem for Congested Shortest Paths Akmal, Shyan et al. 2023
49 A Lower Bound on the Share Size in Evolving Secret Sharing Mazor, Noam 2023
50 A Metatheoretic Analysis of Subtype Universes Bradley, Felix et al. 2023
51 A Modular Approach to Construct Signature-Free BRB Algorithms Under a Message Adversary Albouy, Timothé et al. 2023
52 A New Approach to Finding 2 x n Partially Spatially Balanced Latin Rectangles (Short Paper) Mirka, Renee et al. 2023
53 A New Approach to Perform Individual Assessments at Higher Education Using Gamification Systems Portela, Filipe 2023
54 A New Conjecture on Hardness of 2-CSP’s with Implications to Hardness of Densest k-Subgraph and Other Problems Chuzhoy, Julia et al. 2023
55 A New Perspective on Criticality: Efficient State Abstraction and Run-Time Monitoring of Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Control Systems Rheinfels, Tim et al. 2023
56 A New Perspective on Criticality: Efficient State Abstraction and Run-Time Monitoring of Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Control Systems (Artifact) Rheinfels, Tim et al. 2023
57 A Normalized Edit Distance on Infinite Words Fisman, Dana et al. 2023
58 A Parameterized Algorithm for Vertex Connectivity Survivable Network Design Problem with Uniform Demands Bang-Jensen, Jørgen et al. 2023
59 A Personalised Pedestrian Navigation System (Short Paper) Shah, Urmi et al. 2023
60 A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for MCS Partial Search Order on Chordal Graphs Rong, Guozhen et al. 2023
61 A Positive Perspective on Term Representation (Invited Talk) Miller, Dale et al. 2023
62 A Privacy-Preserving and Transparent Certification System for Digital Credentials Saramago, Rodrigo Q. et al. 2023
63 A Proof-Producing Compiler for Blockchain Applications Avigad, Jeremy et al. 2023
64 A Pseudonymization Prototype for Hungarian Novák, Attila et al. 2023
65 A Quantitative Version of Simple Types Pautasso, Daniele et al. 2023
66 A Regular and Complete Notion of Delay for Streaming String Transducers Filiot, Emmanuel et al. 2023
67 A Researcher’s Digest of GQL (Invited Talk) Francis, Nadime et al. 2023
68 A SAT Solver’s Opinion on the Erdős-Faber-Lovász Conjecture Kirchweger, Markus et al. 2023
69 A Semantics of ? into Dedukti Ledein, Amélie et al. 2023
70 A Simple Algorithm for Consistent Query Answering Under Primary Keys Figueira, Diego et al. 2023
71 A Simple Boosting Framework for Transshipment Zuzic, Goran 2023
72 A Simply Numbered Lambda Calculus Steimann, Friedrich 2023
73 A Sound and Complete Projection for Global Types Tirore, Dawit et al. 2023
74 A Sound and Complete Tableau System for Fuzzy Halpern and Shoham’s Interval Temporal Logic Conradie, Willem et al. 2023
75 A Sparse Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform Using Fast Hashing Houen, Jakob Bæk Tejs et al. 2023
76 A Structural Approach to Tree Decompositions of Knots and Spatial Graphs Lunel, Corentin et al. 2023
77 A Subpolynomial-Time Algorithm for the Free Energy of One-Dimensional Quantum Systems in the Thermodynamic Limit Fawzi, Hamza et al. 2023
78 A Super-Polynomial Separation Between Resolution and Cut-Free Sequent Calculus Papamakarios, Theodoros 2023
79 A Sweep-Plane Algorithm for Calculating the Isolation of Mountains Funke, Daniel et al. 2023
80 A Symbolic Design Method for ETCS Hybrid Level 3 at Different Degrees of Accuracy Engels, Stefan et al. 2023
81 A Systematic Review of Formative Assessment to Support Students Learning Computer Programming Thangaraj, Jagadeeswaran et al. 2023
82 A Systematic Review of Teacher-Facing Dashboards for Collaborative Learning Activities and Tools in Online Higher Education Romão, Tiago et al. 2023
83 A Tale of Two Cities: Teaching CP with Story-Telling (Invited Talk) Lee, Jimmy H.M. 2023
84 A Tight (1.5+ε)-Approximation for Unsplittable Capacitated Vehicle Routing on Trees Mathieu, Claire et al. 2023
85 A Tight Competitive Ratio for Online Submodular Welfare Maximization Ganz, Amit et al. 2023
86 A Tight Holistic Memory Latency Bound Through Coordinated Management of Memory Resources Abdelhalim, Shorouk et al. 2023
87 A Topology by Geometrization for Sub-Iterated Immediate Snapshot Message Adversaries and Applications to Set-Agreement Coutouly, Yannis et al. 2023
88 A Tour on Ecumenical Systems (Invited Talk) Pimentel, Elaine et al. 2023
89 A Unifying Approach to Efficient (Near)-Gathering of Disoriented Robots with Limited Visibility Castenow, Jannik et al. 2023
90 A Univalent Formalization of Constructive Affine Schemes Zeuner, Max et al. 2023
91 A Weyl Criterion for Finite-State Dimension and Applications Lutz, Jack H. et al. 2023
92 About Decisiveness of Dynamic Probabilistic Models Finkel, Alain et al. 2023
93 Absolute Expressiveness of Subgraph-Based Centrality Measures Pieris, Andreas et al. 2023
94 Abstract Voronoi-Like Graphs: Extending Delaunay’s Theorem and Applications Papadopoulou, Evanthia 2023
95 Accelerating Self-Assembly of Crisscross Slat Systems Doty, David et al. 2023
96 Acceleration of FM-Index Queries Through Prefix-Free Parsing Hong, Aaron et al. 2023
97 Achieving Least Relocation of Existing Facilities in Spatial Optimisation: A Bi-Objective Model (Short Paper) Chen, Huanfa et al. 2023
98 Action Codes Vaandrager, Frits et al. 2023
99 Aczel-Mendler Bisimulations in a Regular Category Dubut, Jérémy 2023
100 Adaptive Collective Responses to Local Stimuli in Anonymous Dynamic Networks Oh, Shunhao et al. 2023
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